A downloadable game for Windows

Wheel Smith and the Willchair(name is a work in progress) is a virtual reality game that uses Oculus Rift and Leap Motion to put the player in a virtual gameshow. The game is far from finished but i wanted to uppload the current version for feedback before the end of Leap Motions 3DJam.

Press R to recenter the oculus. I recommend to sit up straight when you recenter to make sure that you have space to lean backwards.

Lean to drive(forward/backwards to drive and left/right to turn)

move your hand up with the palm facing the roof to select an object.

move your hand with your palm facing the floor to move the selected object.

push your hand away from you to shoot the selected object towards the object you are looking at.

feel free to give me feedback on twitter (@Pancake_Storm).

Install instructions

This game requires an Oculus Rift dk2 and a Leap Motion to be played.

Simply extract the rar file and run the Wheel Smith 0.2.2.exe


Wheel Smith and the Willchair.rar 76 MB


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This app has a problem with a small number of Leap Motion Controllers, here is a thread with some info on a quick fix: https://community.leapmotion.com/t/quick-fix-for-unity-vr-developers/4322

Thank you for the feedback! I have already implemented the mentioned quick fix. What bugs did you experience? I am currently working on some bugfixes so it might get fixed in the next version.